About Us

Our company originated in the United States over 20 years ago assisting joinery and stair building shops with complex projects and CAD/CNC software integration. In 2014 we moved to the Southwest UK bringing it’s experience abroad while continuing to serve our longtime customers overseas.

Rufus Cooke

“CAD drawings mean nothing without a builders hand/mind…

“making things has always been a passion for me.” Rufus started working for builders at age 14 and after graduating school became a custom woodworker leading to 25 years of intensive shop experience with a diverse array of projects, tools and materials leading to an expert knowledge of:

    ● CAD/CNC

    ● Tangent hand railing

    ● 3D Stair design/layout for fabrication & site coordination

    ● Part Listing & Data Integration

Before the UK move, Rufus was a member of the local ambulance corps. “The (ambulance) Corps was something I was very fond of and I believe we all share a duty to assist our communities in any way we can.” With the days of being “on call” past, this leaves more time to assist Pauline with fundraising for the local hospice and Cancer Research as we never have to look far to see the differences they make in people’s lives.

Finally, at the end of the day (when possible), the other lifelong passion is playing guitar. “I think I’m incredibly fortunate and sadly I’ve taken it for granted. For me, guitar is the tactile medium which counters the long hours (and yes, even stresses) working at a computer and much of music is based upon the right combinations of hues, textures and especially numbers coming together.” Hmm, is this starting to sound familiar?

Pauline Cooke

So much of Shoreline Parametrics workflow is due to Pauline’s diverse problem solving skills in:

    ● Office Management

    ● Book keeping

    ● Draughting

For Pauline, assisting others comes naturally and goes far beyond the office by fundraising for:

    ● Local Food Pantry

    ● Local Hospice

    ● Cancer Research

(visit her article in the Bangor Daily News: )

Or her archived Website: (English Garden Party Website)