Lighthouse Stair

This is the original cast iron stair in a decommissioned lighthouse on an island off the rocky northern coast of Maine. The stair is virtually free standing and sadly due to excessive movement, the 100 year old metal castings and/or fasteners are most likely fatigued and brittle.

Working on rocky islands is always challenging as the limited access affects the logistics. In this instance, we’ve generated a study adopting the original design coupled with modern fabrication techniques using CNC plasma/water jet and robotic welding of standard components to produce sub-assemblies which are easy to transport and install:

To download our study, click here:

Our prototypes enable us to:

analyse nearly all aspects of a project before commencing fabrication including

● costs

● weights

● accurate listing all parts and components for clear and efficient communication

We’re Shoreline Parametrics. We are very experienced fabricators, using SolidWorks.

Let us help you to plan and build your next unusual project.

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