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Sometimes when I describe our work and the modern tools we use, I see puzzled looks followed by something like “we didn’t need those things when I was a kid….”

Well perhaps you didn’t, but maybe others did. Because in this instance, SolidWorks®, 3D technologies and a very special team made a huge difference to our Shoreline Parametrics family.

Here’s why:

From the CAT scan of a damaged shoulder joint, a SolidWorks® 3D model was generated enabling a bespoke bracket to be designed to fit the contours as well as setting the optimum angle for usability. This also enabled design of a surgical jig for cutting, drilling and finally, a physical 3D printed part enabling the physical checking of the machined parts for final fitting and all before even entering the theatre.

Why? Because this reduced the surgical time by nearly 70%, requiring the patient to only be anaesthetized for less than an hour instead of over three.

The actual 3D printed part complete with tiny screw holes
The 3D printed part (note even the tiny screw holes)

Naturally, the credit truly goes to the surgical team for their skill, compassion and ingenuity, for which our staff are eternally grateful as this staff member tirelessly contributes a great deal to our company.

But please don’t overlook the tools and the technologies which enabled this.

Murphy – always by the phone.

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