Not enough X Chromosomes..

Being in the construction trade, for good and/or bad our designs are influenced by our gender.

The neo-classical stair in the video below was one we did a few years back complete with iron balustrade. All work was performed to closely follow the detailed orthogonal elevations as provided by a truly outstanding architectural firm. As always, we generate the model as per their details, then flatten any regions as required and finally, generate the necessary drawings for submission/fabrication.

It was in the balustrade flattening phase, that Pauline said to me:

“you can’t be serious! Don’t you see the problem?”

Sometimes the most obvious things are right in front of our eyes

Okay, silliness aside, obviously the design was revised, but the point is that it took a woman’s perspective to see what had crossed many (assuming) male eyes prior and yet went unnoticed.

My business partner also happens to be my beloved wife and we are Shoreline Parametrics Ltd. Proudly assisting architects, builders and manufacturers in both the US and the UK for 20 years.

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